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Have OLD Prescription Medicines to Get Rid Of?


Do you have old prescription medicines that you don't know how to get rid of?  Hudson Drug has donated a box located in the Village Office Lobby.  The box is emptied daily by a Hudson Drug...

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Hunting and Fishing License


Illinois Department of Natural Resources has updated their licensing equipment.  Due to an error, the Village of Rossville has not received their updated equipment this year.  We hope to...

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Looking for a job?  Be a CENSUS TAKER!!

Apply Online, no experience necessary.

2020 Census jobs provide:

great pay

flexible hours

weekly pay

paid training

For more...

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Rossville Community Ambulance Service


The Rossville Community Ambulance Service is selling town and rural number signs for all addresses that will make it quick and easy to find your home, day or night, when you are in need. First, by...

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911 Procedures


EFFECTIVE MONDAY, September 12th, 2016 all 911 calls will be routed to Vermilion County 911 Center.  All Rossville Police, Fire and EMS shall be done by the Vermilion County 911 Center.  For...

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