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Rossville Community Ambulance Service


The Rossville Community Ambulance Service is selling town and rural number signs for all addresses that will make it quick and easy to find your home, day or night, when you are in need. First, by purchasing and displaying one of these highly visible, reflective house number signs for your home, you will eliminate delays in locating the emergency. Second, the proceeds will go to help fund the Service to continue our vital life saving mission for everyone in our community.

In the coming days, the volunteers who staff the Service, will be making the rounds and visiting as many of the homes in our community as they can. The minimal cost for the signs is $20 but the return in time saved to get the emergency medical care to the right home is priceless.

If you have any questions or need any further information, you can call:

JoAnne (217) 304-3501

Jeannie (217) 304-4916