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UPDATE: NEW MAP ADDED - Public Hearing on Proposed Wind Turbine Project


The Village of Rossville Police, Health & Safety Committee will conduct a public hearing on Thursday, February 15, 2024 at 6 p.m. at the Rossville Municipal Building, located at 120 E. Attica Street, Rossville, IL.
The Public is invited to attend and comment on the Compensation and Waiver of Siting Authority Agreement between the Village of Rossville and Invenergy (Musketeer Wind Energy LLC) concerning wind energy turbines and other ancillary project improvements located within the potential zoning and siting jurisdiction of the Village and Hubbard Trail Country Club 3.0 mile jurisdiction to place wind energy conversion systems "wind turbines" between 1.5 miles and 3 miles of Rossville Zoning Jurisdiction. 

Approximate Jurisdiction:                                                                      Location of proposed wind Turbines:
Western border 1.5 miles: N 1170 E Rd                                                 E 3780 N Rd and N 1280 E Rd
W3mi:                                N 1090 E Rd                                                 N 1280 E Rd
N1.5mi:                              Rd 3870 N                                                    E 3900 N Rd and N 1280 E Rd
N3mi:                                 E 4800 N Rd                                                 E 4000 N Rd and N 1280 E Rd
E 1.5mi:                              N 1700 E Rd
E3:                                      Hwy 3
S1.5:                                   E 3390 Rd
S3:                                      E 3200 N Rd